Mark Hamill Lets His Joker Slip Out In A ‘Child’s Play’ Clip That’s Heavy On The Chucky

The Child’s Play reboot trailers have already revealed how the movie will emphasize horrors inherent within technology. That’s nothing new, given that cell phones and other convenient devices have been recruited as plot-pushing devices in numerous “scary” movies over at least the past decade. However, this reboot has something that others don’t have — Mark Hamill voicing the new Chucky — but until now, we’ve only heard a quick snippet of how he’ll vocally embody the role. In the above clip, however, we hear much more of Chucky’s updated sound, and he sounds a lot like … The Joker?

Yes, he at least sounds like Hamill’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime. That cackle is unmistakable, and there’s a dash of Pennywise mixed in there as well, but the lingering oratory mystery’s now out of the bag. Hamill’s going to shred the audience’s nerves while mercilessly tormenting the cast, including Gabriel Bateman and Aubrey Plaza, and his Chucky possesses the talents to control smart devices and, apparently, an entire smart home.

Automation, man. This is definitely not the 1988 Child’s Play vibe that relied heavily upon atmosphere. Whether or not this reboot will actually be scary in a darkened theater is another thing, but you probably won’t want to go home and talk to Alexa after the viewing.

Child’s Play menacingly laughs at theaters on June 21.