Some Of Chris Evans’ ‘Marvel Buddies’ Will Cameo In ‘Ghosted,’ And He’s Also Not Opposed To A Cap Return

Those Marvel folks sure do love their cameos. Whether it’s in a post-credit scene or a Where’s Waldo-like background character, it’s hard to keep the ever-expanding Marvel family apart. Even though Chris Evans is no longer Captain America (as of right now) he still hangs around his Marvel crew, and it seems like one or two of them will make an appearance in Evans’ new romcom Ghosted.

While promoting the movie on Good Morning America, the former Mr. America himself revealed that there would be some familiar faces in the AppleTV+ movie. “There are some cameos, that’s right. Can we give that away?” Evans laughed, seemingly nervous that the Marvel gods would appear from the ceiling and interrupt the broadcast. Nothing like that happened, so he was in the clear! “Yeah, we had some old Marvel buddies back,” the actor confirmed.

Evans continued to explain how hard it can be to ask for his famous buds to appear. “I hate asking people for cameos. It’s the worst!” When asked if he thinks his Marvel co-stars like doing cameos, Evans replied, “If it fits into their schedules I suppose, but these guys rose to the challenge. There were there for me, it was great.” So it appears that we will get more than one Marvel callback in this movie. Maybe Scarlett Johansson decided she wanted to join in after all!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Chris Evans interview without addressing the America-sized elephant in the room. Evans was asked if he would ever return to screens as Captain America, and while he seemed hesitant, he said he would be open to it down the line. “You know, as much as I would love to…that was such a special time in my life. I’m very precious with the character,” Evans explained. “That’s my problem, I’m very protective of it. To come back it would have to be for the right reasons and the right timing. It feels a little too soon.” Considering that Evans last appeared in a Marvel movie in 2019, on paper it seems like it’s only been four years, but in reality, we’ve all aged several decades since then.

Evans also hyped up the current Cap, who is set to reprise his role in Captain America: New World Order. “Anthony Mackie’s Captain America right now,” Evans explained. “There’s other stories to tell. For now, we ended on such a good note, I would be too worried about tarnishing [that].” Maybe he’ll pop in for a little cameo the next time the Avengers meet up, just to return the favor.

Ghosted premieres on AppleTV+ on April 21st.