Chris Evans Had To Remind People That He’s Not Captain America Anymore, And That Anthony Mackie Is

Chris Evans hasn’t been Captain America for a few years now, and he seems fine with that. It means he doesn’t have to hit the gym as often as he once did. In fact, he’d rather return to Human Torch than good ol’ Cap. (Though he probably won’t be coming back as the other Buzz Lightyear anytime soon.) When a director on the fourth Captain America film was announced, there was some speculation about whether he’d return, even though the reins (which is to say the shield) have been passed onto Anthony Mackie. But Evans managed to shoot that one down.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on the as-yet-untitled fourth film landing its director, namely The Cloverfield Paradox’s Julius Onah. In a tweet promoting the article, the publication said it was “unclear” whether Evans would return to the role, arguing that “stacked casts,” even in solo outings, have become a “key ingredient” of Marvel movies.

But, as caught by Vulture, Evans had a five-word response. “Sam Wilson is Captain America,” he wrote on Twitter.

Avengers: Endgame ended with a much older Steve Rogers passing his shield onto Mackie’s Sam Wilson, who was then still the Falcon. But at the conclusion of the Disney+ spin-off The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wilson officially switched alter egos, taking on the role of the new Cap.

In other words, no, Mackie won’t have to share his lead role with another actor. Then again, Evans said nothing about filming a fun little cameo.

(Via THR and Vulture)