Here’s Your First Look At ‘Ghosted,’ A New Spy Thriller With A Cast That Is Almost Too Attractive

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans sure can’t stop working together. It all started with Knives Out, in which he played a sweater obsessee suspect and she the poor woman wrongfully accused of murder. Last year they both appeared with Ryan Gosling in the Russo brothers’ The Gray Man. In neither did they play romantic partners. That changes now with their third joint outing, Ghosted, whose first trailer just dropped.

The Apple TV+ film has a not terrible rom-com/action plot. Evans plays Cole, an impossibly handsome everydude who has a killer first date with de Armas’ also exceedingly attractive Sadie. Alas, Sadie appears to ghost him over text, prompting his friends to give him terrible advice: He should fly to London, where she works, and surprise her, even though, again, she has ignored what look like dozens of texts.

And so Cole gets what he deserves: Turns out Sadie is a secret agent, and she has to save him from one pitfall after another involving monstrous underworld baddies who want both of them dead. The lesson is clear: When someone ghosts you, take the L, otherwise you may find yourself in high-speed car chases while trying to save the world.

In real life, the trailer drops not long after Evans, newly crowned the Sexiest Man Alive, revealed he has himself a new girlfriend, which much of social media inevitably took in stride.

You can watch the Ghosted trailer in the video above. The film drops on Apple TV+ on April 21.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)