Want To Get In Shape Like Chris Hemsworth In ‘Thor’? Here’s All It Takes

Chris Hemsworth is, as they say, ripped. Jacked. Shredded. Other synonyms for “in shape” that no one, especially you, would use to describe your body. But don’t give up hope. Luke Zocchi is the Thor star’s personal trainer, and he shared details of how you — yes, YOU — can go from Hemsworthless to Hemsworthy (sorry) before Thor: Ragnarok is released in November 2017.

Hemsworth puts on 20 pounds of muscle for each new Thor movie, which he and Zocchi accomplish by training six days a week for an hour at time, using “really heavy weights, like old-school bodybuilding.” He does “seated incline curls, standing curls, and hammer curls,” according to Zocchi (hammer curls seem particularly important), with the workout designed “around the body parts he’s gonna be showing off the most, he’s gonna have his arms and shoulders showing, so that’s the thing we really try to focus on building up.”

As for Hemsworth’s diet, which ranges from 3,500 to 4,000 calories a day: Breakfast is a four-egg omelette and bowl of oats; lunch usually includes steak and salad; and dinner is “probably some sort of chicken and veg meal.” But “he’s a sucker for pizza,” Zocchi says. “Pepperoni’s his thing.” So there’s one thing we all have in common with a literal Viking god: a love of pizza.

Exercise your butt off and eat right, and with “anywhere from two-three months of prep,” you could (somewhat, sort of, maybe from a distance but probably not) look like Hemsworth, the nerdy secretary of your dreams.

(Via Elite Daily)