Chris Pratt On Late Fame: ‘I Was Doing Things That Would’ve Ruined People’s Perception Of Me’

Among some of the quotables during Chris(t) Pratt’s trip to the Nerdist podcast yesterday were admissions like, “I’ve been aging backwards” (after seeing his Parks and Rec audition tape), and, “Life has changed a lot around me, but I haven’t changed that much,” and, “Eventually, I’ll fade off and be another speck in the sky,” there was this little nugget that in some circles could be considered a bombshell:

“It’s a good thing I wasn’t famous when I was young because I was doing things that would’ve ruined people’s perception of me.”

It’s no secret that Pratt seemingly became famous overnight after flashing his abs in a promo for Guardians of the Galaxy, but what monstrous past is the flavor of the year alluding to when he made the above statement? Was he in a motorcycle gang that dealt in the black market skin trade? Was he a vicious methamphetamine addict who used couches as his own personal toilet? Perhaps he moonlighted as a hitman who only targeted disabled children? Whatever his past, just know that it’s ugly, and it begs to be explored. Maybe we’ll never know the truth, but the dark cloud has been hung, Mr. Pratt, and escape it you may never.

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