Christopher McQuarrie Says An ‘Edge Of Tomorrow‘ Sequel Is A Real Possibility

Christopher McQuarrie Tom Cruise

The name of this post really could have been “Chris McQuarrie Explains How To Make A Blockbuster In 2015.” Because the process McQuarrie went through to make Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation a success (it’s now been No. 1 at the box office two weeks in a row) isn’t quite what you’d expect. At least, hearing how McQuarrie went to the marketing department to take a crash course in promotion and social-media strategy isn’t what we usually think about in terms of a director’s duties, but here we are.

A couple weeks ago, Tom Cruise revealed he had an idea for a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, a story that made its way around the internet even though it was met with a hefty amount of skepticism, considering that the first movie wasn’t exactly a box-office blockbuster. But, as McQuarrie explains, yes, there is an idea for a sequel and, yes, a second movie is a real possibility and, yes, McQuarrie really likes this idea.

As explained with the first half of this interview, McQuarrie called late last week on pretty short notice, but what was supposed to be a 15-minute conversation stretched closer to an hour, so a lot of ground was covered, including why McQuarrie feels there’s been a recent shift in media coverage of movies – from something that was negative (at least from his experiences on Valkyrie) into something that’s at least starting to be more positive.

Were you surprised by the reaction to Rogue Nation?

I was stunned. I’m accustomed to making movies that really get discovered after they’ve been in theaters. If you look at all the films that I’ve made, going all the way back to The Usual Suspects, they sort of get discovered in their afterlife.

Jack Reacher is a good example of that.

There’s almost a weird tone of voice that you hear, where you hear, “Hey, I saw Valkyrie, and, you know what? It’s pretty good.” With that tone of voice of, “I thought it would be awful.”