Ryan Reynolds And The ‘Deadpool’ Writers Are Taking On A ‘Clue’ Reboot

20th Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds found his Hollywood niche with Deadpool, a role that truly fit him to a T. From the looks of things, it looks like Reynolds is making the right business moves to capitalize on his partnership with Fox, the film studio behind the filthiest superhero. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds has signed a three-year deal with Fox, which will keep him with the studio well into its merger with Disney.

Reynolds already has the first project of the partnership lined up: a reboot of the endlessly quotable ’80s comedy, Clue. Based on the classic murder mystery board game (Miss Scarlett in the study with a candlestick!) from Hasbro, the original Clue boasted a truly exceptional cast — Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael McKean to name a few — and became a true cult classic.

Reynolds will executively produce the film and potentially star as well. He’d make a pretty good Mr. Green, to be fair. The reboot will also get a little more of the Deadpool treatment than one may have expected. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who penned the Merc with the Mouth’s first film, will be writing the screenplay. Will Mrs. White whip out some katanas and have a mouth like a sailor in this retelling? Honestly, I would watch that.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)