‘You Try Driving In Platforms’: How ‘Clueless’ Created The Style That Made It A Pop Culture Icon

and 07.22.15 4 years ago 15 Comments
Clueless cast photo


Rarely does a year goes by that people don’t celebrate the greatness of Clueless and its impact on pop culture. Twenty years after the film was released, people of all ages still use phrases popularized by the film like “As if!” and “Whatever!” in casual conversation, and we’re willing to bet that there are quite a few people who still reference Monet when it has absolutely nothing to do with art.

But perhaps more than the lines and the actors that delivered them, the clothes featured in Clueless made a lasting impact as well, making it not only a quintessential ‘90s movie, but a timeless cultural juggernaut as well — one that continues to speak to generation after generation. (It probably also doesn’t hurt that the film absolutely nailed the cliques and stereotypes of just about everyone’s high school experience.)

That’s why we wanted to talk to Clueless writer and director Amy Heckerling and costume designer Mona May about the thinking that went in to creating the overall look and feel of the film. We also spoke to actors Wallace Shawn and Justin Walker to learn as much as we could about the styles that were created on a very limited budget for a movie that was almost never made.