The Showrunner Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Is Turning The History Channel’s Long-running ‘Ancient Aliens’ Into A Movie

Cobra Kai showrunner Josh Heald has already helped resurrect The Karate Kid as a spin-off YouTube and Netflix series, but for his next project he’s thinking even farther outside the box: According to Deadline, he’s turning Ancient Aliens into a movie. Yes, Ancient Aliens — the longtime History Channel documentary series that’s a scourge amongst historians and experts but which has long been a ratings bonanza.

Details are currently being kept under wraps, so it’s not clear if the project — to be directed by Heald and written by Luke Ryan — so it’s not clear what direction it will take. Since 2010 and over 200 episodes, Ancient Aliens has delved into hypotheses concerning aliens visiting Earth throughout history. Will the movie be a globe-trotting adventure, jumping around the various sites purported to have been visited by E.T.s? A Stargate-esque sci-fi extravaganza? Maybe even a comedy?

The latter isn’t that far-fetched. Among the producers are Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, best known for birthing the Harold and Kumar series, as well as creating Cobra Kai, which doesn’t play things as straight-faced as the original Karate Kid series. Whatever the case, they may wind up having to deal with scientists and the like pointing out that there is no hard proof that aliens even know we exist, and vice versa.

(Via Deadline)