A Band Has Turned Paul Thomas Anderson Monologues Into Songs

10.09.15 4 years ago

Paul Thomas Anderson
is one of the best filmmakers working today. While he makes visually intricate films, which doesn’t necessarily translate to the world of music, his films also have some rather impressive, occasionally iconic monologues. Now, somebody has decided to take some of Anderson’s character monologues and turn them into the songs.

The “somebody” in question is the band Colburn Sound Express. They have accumulated eight songs inspired by Anderson’s films entitled Songs in the Key of Paul Thomas Anderson. All seven of Anderson’s movies are included, even Inherent Vice, his most recent film. They don’t just take his monologues and set them to music, though. They’ve taken the words and crafted actual songs out of them, with singing and everything.

Of course, there is a song called “I Drink Your Milkshake” based upon Daniel Plainview’s speech from There Will Be Blood. You’ll also find stuff from Dirk Diggler, and a couple of songs based on the divisive The Master, as well. Colburn Sound Express play the songs in a few different styles of music, as well, which is to their credit. In fact, the entirety of Songs in the Key of Paul Thomas Anderson is to their credit. It sounds better than it needs to, given its gimmick. Even if you aren’t familiar with the Anderson movies in question, you could probably still enjoy some of these on their own merit.

(Via AV Club)

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