A Sweet Story About Colin Ferrell Loving A Diner’s French Fries Led To Lots Of People Sharing Stories Of Their Own Wonderful Interactions

Who is the nicest person in Hollywood? Many say it’s Keanu Reeves, and with good reason: Not only is he kind and generous but is also helping save lives. Who can beat that? Still, we might have a runner-up in Colin Farrell, a very good actor having a very good year with four very different good movies. What could make Farrell’s 2022 even better? Having people share stories about what a nice guy he is in real life.

“Colin Farrell’s the nicest celebrity I ever served at 3am at Fred 62,” one person, an employee at the Los Angeles diner, randomly tweeted. “He sat at the counter and ordered a tuna melt, then later called me over and said, very thoughtfully, ‘these fries are really f*cking good.’”

First off, a late night tuna melt and fries sound amazing. Second, those have to be really good fries to inspire a customer to wave over the waitstaff and “thoughtfully” expound on their excellence. Or maybe Farrell’s just an unusually sweet person. Based on all the replies the person’s original tweet received, a good chunk of them sharing similar stories of Farrell being a stand-up dude, it sure sounds that way.

You hear that, fellow celebrities? Go out of your way to be pleasant to people and your legend may grow in stature. Maybe Farrell and Reeves should do a buddy comedy together where they simply roam the planet saying nice things to strangers. Maybe they could run into John Cena as he’s fulfilling yet another Make-a-Wish wish.