CoverGirl Reveals An Entire Line Of ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Makeup

Many people have criticized George Lucas’ prequel movies for being little more than an excuse to sell toys. Let’s hope the same accusations aren’t going to be leveled at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While you can’t exactly stick any product placement into a movie set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Disney still seems intent on pimping out our favorite space opera to as many industries as possible.

The latest company to collab with Star Wars? CoverGirl, who plan to release a limited edition line of makeup products. Via IO9:

Allure Magazine has the full reveal on the series, which includes lipstick shades like dark purple (if you’re an Emperor girl), gold (for the C-3PO fan), red (if the Imperial Guard is more your thing), lilac (for a Cloud City mood), silver (if you want a Millennium Falcon look) and nude (for that Tatooine suntan). There are also nail glosses called Speed of Light, Nemesis, Red Revenge and light and dark side mascaras.

The new makeup won’t just have colors inspired by the movie. For example, tubes of mascara will feature quotes from all Star Wars movies ranging from the obvious (“May The Force be With You”) to fitting (“Luminous Beings Are We”) to slightly less appropriate (“You’re My Only Hope”). And of course they’re numbered so the geek collector has to try and get their hands on all twenty tubes.

Yes, 20 different mascaras to collect, with a Light Side AND Dark Side series.

Oh snap, in a sealed box too. You didn’t think you’d just be able to buy the tube with the quote you’re missing, did you? Nope, you’ll have to just buy a tube and hope for the best. Nerds have been conditioned from years of buying Tokidokis and Kidrobots to accept blind boxes, and now the trend has made it to makeup. Yes … feel the hate flow through you!

This isn’t the first time CoverGirl has snapped up movie rights to sell a bunch of makeup. They launched a similar campaign in 2013 for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which received a bunch of jeers for missing the point of the films and celebrating the haute couture of the corrupt Capitol. Don’t listen to the haters, CoverGirl. Glittery Capitol themed makeup will always sell better than District 12 coal miner foundation.

CoverGirl will be releasing more products from their Star Wars inpired line over the weeks leading up to “Force Friday” on September 4th, the official date that Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise hits the shelves. Those waiting for the actual movie will have to wait a few more months, as The Force Awakens opens in theaters on December 18th.

(Via IO9)