Kurt Russell Tries To Bring Gravitas To The Ridiculous Trailer For ‘Crypto’

Cryptocurrency has been around long enough that it should be widely understood. And yet to many (including, admittedly, some of us) it’s a bit of a mystery. Should we fear that which we kind of don’t entirely get despite reading a number of articles that should have made it all clear but mysteriously did not? The answer, at least according to the ridiculous trailer for the forthcoming thriller Crypto, is a definite yes.

The plot is about as clear as cryptocurrency itself, but it seems to involve an agent of vague affiliation, played by one Beau Knapp, investigating a Bitcoin-like company. His research takes him to a salt-of-the-earth country farmer, played with predictable overqualified gravitas by Kurt Russell, as well as a woman who may be good or bad or maybe both, but who is definitely played by Alexis Bledel. (Her real-life hubs Vincent Kartheiser is also allegedly involved.)

Oh, and wouldn’t you know this somehow involves the Russian mafia. And also a lot of hot computer desktop folder clicking action. It has a solid tagline, too: “Fear is the ultimate currency.”

They don’t make ’em like this anymore, and by that we mean Crypto is one of those movies made on the outskirts of Hollywood that tend to get a tiny theatrical distribution by a second-tier company — in this case Lionsgate — in tandem with a day-and-date VOD drop. Usually they star Nicolas Cage, who still needs to pay for all the castles he owns. In this case it’s the kind of movie that can only afford the third Hemsworth — that is, Luke, the Zeppo of the family, the one few remember exists.

Anyway, you can see Crypto when it comes out on April 12, at which point you can judge for yourself how it stacks up to John Travolta’s recent cinematic output.

(Via Motherboard)