Damon Lindelof Wonders Whether Martin Scorsese Actually Might Not Be Too Familiar With Marvel Movies

Everyone holds an opinion about Martin Scorsese’s opinion on Marvel movies, and Damon Lindelof is no exception. The Lost showrunner, who’s prepping for HBO’s Watchmen arrival (on October 20), fielded the question that’s so very popular on press tours (just ask Paul Rudd) this month. To briefly recap, Scorsese called MCU installments “not cinema” and “like theme parks,” which made James Gunn sad and Robert Downey Jr. slightly torn while Sam Jackson is not too bothered. Then Kevin Smith said that Scorsese actually made a huge superhero movie while the Taxi Driver director stood firm, further describing the Marvel tidal wave as an invasion.

Meanwhile, Lindelof believes that it “doesn’t seem fair” that Scorsese is lumping all Marvel titles together, given that a spectacle like Age of Ultron is far different than Black Panther in terms of layered storytelling and sheer depth of emotion on display. And Lindelof wonders if Scorsese’s actually seen that many MCU movies at all. Via Variety:

“There’s a space in Marvel movies that they are beginning to explore and are beginning to be provocative and interesting. Logan or Black Panther are very close in my opinion to cinema and to put all Marvel movies in the same box doesn’t seem fair.

“I’m just curious as to how many Marvel movies he has seen. I don’t view it as a put down. I think there has to be space for popular entertainment and indie fare and cinema.”

Lindelof added that his taste might not be the best litmus test, though, given that “[y]ou’re talking to a guy who eats at Sizzler.” Well, it’s probably true that Scorsese has never eaten at a Sizzler, but one really has to give Lindelof’s question some weight. How likely is it that The Irishman has prioritized keeping up with the MCU, which has now hit quantitative double digits? Not very, but seriously, maybe he should at least give Rocket Raccoon a chance. That trash panda can win over anyone.

(Via Variety)