David Spade Has Explained Why He’s In So Many Adam Sandler Movies

Everyone knows that Adam Sandler likes to cast his friends in his Happy Madison films, although at last count, Rob Schneider and Nick Swardson were in the most Sandler films. Among the other Sandler best buds to appear frequently in his films, however, is David Spade, who was particularly fond of the two Grown Ups movies he appeared in.

The Grown Ups films are like doing “the Golden State Warriors,” David Spade told Rob Lowe on his Literally! podcast. “Get guys who are in their own movies, and we’ll all be in one when there’s a lot of competition. It was a good trick. And when he shot it, he spread out the jokes, so we all got to score.”

“We all write jokes for him,” Spade continued, saying that they could spread them around to the different actors, depending on who the joke fit the best. “That movie was like a good, family not-dirty, funny movie. And the second one, too.” Spade said. In fact, that he would be up for another Grown Ups movie, or one like it, he said, because Sander is good at making those kinds of films.

Sandler’s wardrobe on that movie, however, is hilarious, because the movies takes place in one day — or at least, the sequel did — so they all had to wear the same outfit for the entire shoot. For Sandler, that meant wearing the same outfit he always wears. “The funny thing is, Sandler is wearing a striped T-shirt. He has a striped T-shirt on the bed for his wardrobe for the day, and then there is a rack of T-shirts and big shorts.”

On the day that Sandler chose his wardrobe for Grown Ups 2, in fact, Sandler went in to set wearing a striped T-shirt and a coffee, “and the wardrobe person had all his stuff laid out,” and Sandler just looks at it all and was like, “Uh, yeah. I’ll just wear this,” signaling to the clothes he already had on. That’s what he ended up wearing for the entire shoot.

As for how many Sandler movies that Spade has been in? “Oh, I’ve probably been in about 40,” Spade joked. “I mean, I sort of come in the fine print, you know?” Asked if he might be Sandler’s good-luck charm, however, Spade demurs. “Well, I was also in Jack & Jill,” Spade jokes. Meanwhile, when asked if Sandler chooses movies based on how nice the hotels are, Spade disappointingly admitted, “I didn’t get the Hawaii ones.”

You know who did? Nick Swardson. I guess we know who Sandler’s best friend is now, don’t we? Meanwhile, since Sandler didn’t get an Oscar nom for Uncut Gems, we can expect that his next movie will be really bad, as he threatened. Maybe it is time for Grown Ups 3. There is, after all, already a perfect script.

Source: Literally!