The ‘Deadpool 3’ Writers Are Making Big Promises About The Franchise’s R-Rated Factor After Moving To Disney

As Deadpool 3 gets ready to introduce the Merc with a Mouth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film’s writers are assuring fans that Deadpool’s new corporate overlords at Disney have been nothing but supportive. On that note, a bit of news on the writers’ front, Bob’s Burgers writers Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux were working on a script. However, that is no longer the case. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who have been with the Deadpool franchise since the start, are now back to usher in the third installment.

In a new interview with The Playlist, Reese and Wernick confirm that Deadpool 3 is “absolutely” going to be Rated-R, and that contrary to online concerns, Marvel is not trying to soften the raunchy, fourth-wall breaking tone:

“They are gonna let Deadpool be Deadpool, you know? It’s not like any particular joke may be the one that they say, ‘you know, that’s too far,’ that could happen, but to this point, it’s been nothing but support.”

What does that support feel like? To hear it from the ‘Deadpool’ scribes, it’s very opening and inviting. “It’s been nothing but, ‘how can we help you?’ ‘What from our universe would you like to use? How, how can we make your life easy?’ And we’re gonna let Deadpool be Deadpool. We’re not… this is not going to be the Disney-fied ‘Deadpool.’ So they’re awesome, and now it’s up to us to come through and justify that faith.”

When Playlist asked if Deadpool 3 will have some F-bombs in it thanks to the R-rating, the writers basically had an “Are you kidding me?” response. “It’s on the title page!” Wernick joked. “Dead F*cking Pool.”

(Via The Playlist)