‘Deadpool’ May Be Gunning For A PG-13 Rating

Deadpool is, among other things, a guy who kills a lot of people and makes obscene jokes. And apparently, he will have to kill people bloodlessly and make slightly less obscene jokes, as his movie is now heading for a PG-13 rating, at least according to rumor.

Schmoes Know are claiming this, and while their track record can be spotty, realistically, it’s really unlikely Fox will approve an R-rated superhero movie, even with the current run of hit R-rated comedies at the box office. That said, looking at the original test footage, there isn’t too much there that would have needed to have been cut. Mostly Ryan Reynolds won’t be allowed to swear as much, which in its own way is somewhat annoying, but there it is. We also probably wouldn’t see the severed head, but all the other gratuitous absurd violence in that clip would have probably been fine: As long as you don’t have a dude kissing another dude or show any boobies, the MPAA will let you get away with anything if you’re a major studio.

So, basically, Deadpool won’t swear, but he will kill people in ridiculously creative ways. We can live with that.