An 8-Year-Old Is Petitioning ‘Deadpool’ To Release A PG-13 Cut

Fans around the world are enthused that Deadpool is rated R. The movie will be just as unhinged as the comics! It will be awesome! Everybody will love it! Everybody except eight-year-old Matthew, because his mom doesn’t let him see R-rated movies. So, Grace Randolph of Beyond The Trailer took to the Internet to do something about it.

In a petition, Randolph lays out the dilemma of little Matthew, a faithful viewer of her web show and an enormous Deadpool fan. But Matt’s mom is decidedly not a fan of taking her eight-year-old to R-rated movies, which, to be honest, is something we adults can all appreciate. So, Matt’s stuck with the dilemma all children must face: A really awesome movie is in theaters and you can’t see it.

Most of us would just give the kid to a relatively irresponsible adult, give him ten bucks to go see The Minions II: Fifty Shades of Yellow, and just turn a blind eye to the whole thing. But this is the twenty-first century, and no injustice, however minor, can’t be put on

Little Matt there probably isn’t getting his wish; re-cutting a movie and submitting to the MPAA is expensive, and multiple cuts with different ratings rarely see release, although it has happened. That said, considering how savvy this whole campaign has been, Matt will probably at least see some Deadpool swag out of the whole thing. Just don’t send along the video game, as that might bring up a few problems.