‘Deadpool’ Gets The Rating We Were Hoping For And Everything Is Right In The World

Comic-book fans rarely see their favorite heroes and books represented on the big screen (or the TV for Walking Dead fans) without at least a few flaws. When you live with a character for years and years, sometimes nuances get lost in the translation to the movie format. We’ve all dealt with it (except in a few cases), and it hurts when the spirit that makes a comic tick is sucked from its motion-picture cousin.

Fear not, loyal Deadpool fans — the bastardization of your favorite zany superdude doesn’t look to be happening on Ryan Reynolds’ watch. The movie has been rallying since its inception to get an R-rating, and damn it — Deadpool succeeded. The rating on Deadpool’s official website is for “strong language and violence throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.” Well then. Graphic nudity, eh? It looks like the wishes of fans have been answered, FOX is going hard in the paint with fart jokes, gore jokes, violence jokes and lots of jokes that involve genitalia of all sorts.

It looks like the Red Band trailer wasn’t blowing smoke — this is going to be the raunchiest comic-book movie since Sin City.

(Via ComicBook)