Todd Phillips Admits That Deleted ‘Joker’ Scenes Exist, But The Joke’s On Everyone Who Wants To See Them

Joker is still all the rage at the box office, and while folks wonder when a seemingly inevitable sequel might be announced, perhaps DC Comics fans can at least look forward to some deleted scenes whenever the movie hits the home-viewing circuit? You know, anything to add some more to the supposed controversy swirling around this movie. Well, director Todd Phillips is here to toss some cold water all over your happy smile.

While speaking with Colider, Phillips seemed pretty content with where his barely-over-two-hours Arthur Fleck origin story landed. Not that he wasn’t a little bit torn over having to cut any scenes, but he still believes that everything happened as it should. In other words, don’t hold your breath to see any deleted scenes, not in an extended cut, or ever:

“I hate fucking extended cuts. I hate deleted scenes. They’re deleted for a reason. The movie that exists is exactly the movie I want it to be and I will never show a deleted scene.”

Well, there you have it. No additional dancing scenes starring Joaquin Phoenix in horrific makeup shall surface. That’s alright, we saw multiple variants on Arthur’s footwork, including that Gary Glitter scene that arguably lasted a little too long. However, Phoenix did suggest that a lot of footage did end up on the cutting room floor, including what he thought was “one of the best scenes,” but Phillips mercilessly sliced it, and Phoenix ended up agreeing. So I guess the joke was even on the guy who played Joker, and Todd Phillips might be the true supervillain of Gotham, but we’ll never know for sure!

(Via Collider)