Disney Is Developing A Live-Action Adaptation Of ‘Delilah Dirk’

05.29.16 2 years ago

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Disney is looking to give girls someone to look up to, heroines for a new generation of girl. Much like we saw in the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Rey, Disney wants girls to feel like they have kick-ass heroes just like guys do. If you get down to brass tacks, there’s only one female Avenger and while Wonder Woman did show up in Batman v. Superman: The Dawn of Justice, she kinda felt like an afterthought. But not everyone seems to share this view, as we’ve seen with reactions to the recent, all-female Ghostbusters.

According to ScreenRant, Disney is looking to add yet another strong female character into their lexicon with the addition of Delilah Dirk. Disney will be developing a live-action adaptation of graphic novelist Tony Cliff’s Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant. The “International Mistress of Swordsmanship” will be bringing her own brand of quirky, Indiana Jones-inspired action to the silver screen thanks to Disney.

The details are still a bit sparse as this is a very new project for Disney, but it is interesting considering how new the series is, with Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant being released in 2013 to rave reviews, gaining a major following in the process.

(Via ScreenRant)

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