Disney+ Is Not Going To Carry Anything With An R Rating


At the Walt Disney Company’s massive public relations expo D23, the entertainment conglomerate previewed The Mandalorian, a host of Marvel Studios programming both known and unknown, and many other tidbits regarding its upcoming Netflix competitor, Disney+. Despite everything that executives like Kevin Feige and Kathleen Kennedy had to say, though, it wasn’t until entertainment reporter Eric Vespe asked about the streamer’s policy on hosting R-rated content that rumors concerning the matter were finally laid to rest.

As noted by Comic Book, after discussing the particulars of how many titles would be available on the platform’s November 12th launch day, Vespe asked a Disney representative point-blank about the ratings. Specifically, he wanted to know “if any of Fox’s more adult fare will make it on to Disney+.” In response, the rep “said that Disney+ will all be PG-13 or softer.” When Vespe then asked if R-rated material would end up on Hulu instead, the responder said “that’s a good assumption.”

Seeing as how Disney now owns a majority stake in Hulu thanks to its recent purchase of Fox, and that it will now be a part of a significant bundle option that includes Disney+ and ESPN+, this would actually make a lot of sense. Of course, all we know for certain (per Vespe’s questions and the answers he got) is that Disney+ itself won’t feature anything like Deadpool in its catalog.

(Via Comic Book)