Hmm, This Gossipy Little TikTok From 2021 Sure Does Feel Relevant Again Amidst The ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Fiasco

As the promotional tour for Don’t Worry Darling continues to devolve into madness for various feud and/or spit-based reasons at the Venice Film Festival, an unearthed TikTok video might hold the secrets to the movie’s current state of disorder. Vulture writer Kathryn VanArendonk brought the video to Twitter’s attention after the Venice debacle, and if true, the behind-the-scenes account answers a lot of questions particularly around the rumored feud between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh.

“Months ago – months and months! – there was a very gossipy blind item tiktok from someone who worked behind the scenes describing what was CLEARLY don’t worry darling, and i remember watching it and talking about it and now i’ll never find it again,” VanArendonk tweeted.

Thanks to an assist from Vice writer Cait Bladt, we now have that clip. Dated for October 2021, almost an entire year ago, the TikTok video claims to be a story from a production assistant for an unnamed film that, like VanArendonk described, sounds very much like Don’t Worry Darling.


That director is wild :/ Story was sent to me. No warranty for correctness. #story #storytime #tea #celeb

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In the video, the PA claims that the trouble began when Wilde allegedly banned Jason Sudeikis from the set, which everyone just assumed was because of COVID. However, according to the very thinly-disguised account in the video, Wilde and Harry Styles soon began visibly hooking up, which allegedly led to Pugh stepping in to direct the film. The cast and crew were allegedly hit with non-disclosure agreements to sign a month before wrapping, and the PA claims to have quit after witnessing Pugh and Wilde arguing in a trailer over how Pugh was being treated after “doing all of the work.”

For the record, this is a random TikTok video that never once mentions the name of the film nor the actors involved. However, the descriptions closely match the principal cast and director in Don’t Worry Darling. That said, we are making no claim that any of the allegations contained in the video are accurate. Fun and gossipy? Yes! Interesting given the week of chaos around the film? Sure. So there’s that.

(Via Kathryn VanArendonk on Twitter)