‘Dune: Part Two’ Doesn’t Premiere Until 2023 But ‘Dune: Part Three’ Is Already In The Oven Cooking

Let’s get this out of the way: It looks Dune might be Dune it for a third time. (That was completely unavoidable. We’re so sorry.) While a sequel, Dune: Part Two, was confirmed in October and is reportedly looking to add Florence Pugh to the cast, screenwriter Jon Spaihts has revealed that he and director Denis Villeneuve have been “talking seriously” about a third film. In a new interview, Spaihts shared that the two are looking to adapt the second book in the Dune series, Dune: Messiah, as a potential conclusion to the film trilogy.

Via The Playlist:

Dune Messiah is a very interesting book, which in some ways, deconstructs Dune and plays as a cautionary tale, even more than Dune does, about the dangers of blending religion and politics, the hazards of following charismatic leaders, and the dangerous struggle that’s always alive between the individual and institutions.

Of course, that still leaves five more books left to adapt, and according to Spaihts, the franchise is definitely looking to expand beyond more than just the planned HBO Max spinoff, Dune: The Sisterhood, and the potential Villeneuve trilogy. In fact, that expansion is the reason Spaihts is no longer working on Sisterhood.

“I ended up getting moved off of it to work, not just on Dune: Part Two, but to investigate other cinematic prospects in the Dune universe, which we are still talking about and which, again, I’m not allowed to say very much about,” Spaihts said. “But it is a very rich world in which to play.”

If you’re thinking we’re about to say, “Wow, let’s hope they’re not Dune too much here,” well, yeah. You can’t just expect us to ignore an obvious concern. That’s crazy talk.

(Via The Playlist)