The Hottest New Sci-fi Franchise Is Looking For A Princess And Florence Pugh Might Be… ‘Dune’ It

Looks like Florence Pugh might be coming to Arrakis. After becoming a new and well-received fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pugh is in talks to join the cast of Dune: Part 2, which director Denis Villeneuve is planning to shoot this summer. However, there are a lot of variables in the air. For starters, Pugh’s involvement is contingent upon several factors, including her availability and a final look at the script. The sequel is also scheduled to shoot in Hungary, which might not be feasible due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Hungary shares a border with Ukraine.) If that situation continues or makes a turn for the worst, it may impact the production.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Pugh is being courted to play Princess Irulan, the daughter of the Emperor. Several obstacles remain, however, for any deal. The script is still being written, and thus the actress is said to be waiting for the latest draft. Also, scheduling poses another hurdle. Legendary is hoping to begin shooting this summer, but Pugh is also in contention for the Madonna biopic, and it is unclear when that would go, should she nab that role.

Pugh has been on the short list of actresses vying to star in the Madonna biopic, which reportedly has involved a grueling audition process. The other actresses include Julia Garner (Inventing Anna), Alexa Demie (Euphoria), Odessa Young (Mothering Sunday), and Emma Laird (Mayor of Kingstown). Should Pugh snag the coveted role after such an intense casting process, it will probably be a no-brainer to play Madonna over the Dune sequel. But, hey, maybe she can do both? We are not in the business of doubting Florence Pugh.

Dune: Part 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on October 20, 2023.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)