Timothée Chalamet Shared A Mysterious Photo From The Set Of ‘Dune 2’

Timothée Chalamet has been slowly but surely taking over Hollywood over the last few years. He moved on from being the pretentious love interest in Lady Bird (opposite Saoirse Ronan) to being the pretentious love interest in Little Women (opposite Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh) to being the pretentious candymaker in the upcoming Willy Wonka movie (opposite some Oompa Loompas). Somewhere in there, he also played a crimson-haired cannibal. The point is that the man has been busy…and loves to hang out with Saoirse Ronan.

Now, Chalamet is hard at work on the new Dune installment (opposite Florence Pugh…again). The actor shared a photo from the set of the upcoming movie, which is currently being filmed in the United Arab Emirates. While we don’t see Chalamet’s face, you can tell he’s already in character as Paul because of how scared his stance looks. He’s a good actor! He is also wearing an ominous skeleton hoodie.

Chalamet will reprise his role as Paul Atreides in the sci-fi epic alongside Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgård, and others, along with newcomers Pugh, Austin Butler, and Christopher Walken. Filming has been taking place throughout the summer and fall in various countries around the world.

While there have been no official stills from the sequel, which will hit theaters in November of 2023, many of the cast have been sharing their own shots from those picturesque sand dunes. Just last week, Zendaya posted a similar photo.

Either filming is going really great, or they have both been lost in the desert for over a week. It’s probably the former.

(Via IndieWire)