Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Has Revealed The Role He’ll Be Playing In The DC Cinematic Universe

Dwayne “The Rock of Eternity” Johnson has not been shy about telling us he’s going to be in the DC Cinematic Universe. Nor has he been shy about telling us which movie he’s in. Now, it appears he’s telling us which character he’ll be.

Namely, well, the tweet speaks for itself:

Of interest here is the fact that A) literally every single thing we’ve heard about a Shazam! movie has come directly from The Rock, who seems to be almost giddily excited about playing the Black Adam, and B) this is literally all we know about the movie. We don’t know if there’s a script, we don’t know who’s playing the Big Red Cheese or his alter ego Billy Batson, there’s definitely no hint as to who’s directing it. Heck, we don’t even have a release date.

If I had to offer a guess, that’s because a Shazam! movie actually isn’t in the cards yet. Black Adam can go toe-to-toe with Superman, after all, and that’s actually something Justice League desperately needs if the movie is going to make any sense whatsoever. Supes needs to be kept busy while Batman does all the real work, after all. So, keep an eye out: The Rock might be arriving on screens well before Billy Batson ever does.

UPDATE: Variety claims the Shazam! movie is just now in the writing stages. So that explains a bit.