‘Eighth Grade’ Is Giving The Middle Finger To The MPAA By Hosting Free All-Ages Screenings


The decidedly not-lit Motion Picture Association of America gave Bo Burnham’s wonderful Eighth Grade an “R” rating for “language and some sexual material,” meaning teenagers who are actually in eighth grade — who could use the “don’t worry, things won’t always be this awful” on-screen representation the most — are barred from seeing it. Even Common Sense Media, which usually turns into Helen Lovejoy over every curse word, considers this is an overreaction:

But despite the swearing and some suggestive comments and conversations about hook-up culture, implied masturbation, sharing nude photos, and “how far” Kayla has gone or is willing to go physically with a boy, this is a good (if slightly cringeworthy) movie to watch with your teen. There’s so much here for parents and their teens to unpack, from mean-girl behavior and too much/inappropriate screen use to the importance of being careful around older teens (particularly for girls) and saying no to unwanted sexual advances. Ultimately, it also promotes open communication between teens and their parents, as well as courage, since Kayla learns to love and speak up for herself. (Via)

This Wednesday, A24 is giving a middle finger to the MPAA (oh the irony) by hosting a night of free Eighth Grade screenings for ALL AGES. “This Wednesday night. No ratings enforced. If you’ve been through 8th grade, Eighth Grade is for you,” the website reads, along with a list of applicable theaters and times. Do yourself a favor: go see this movie. Gucci.