‘Elf’ Lines When You Need Help Finding Your Holiday Spirit

Features Writer

Now is the time of year when people start to become overwhelmed by a feeling of joy and compassion for their fellow man and the notion that people are able to come together (in-between trips to the mall) and spend time with their loved ones. No one understood this better than Elf’s main character, Buddy (Will Ferrell), a human who was raised at the North Pole after accidentally hitching a ride in Santa’s bag of presents. When Buddy decides to return to New York City to find his father (James Caan) and reconnect with the family he never knew, he does so while effortlessly brimming with holiday cheer. While his smiling, celebratory nature comes off as off-putting at first, his attitude proves to be so infectious that it ends up saving Christmas itself. Should you need some help with your holiday cheer, let these Buddy the Elf lines help give you a little Christmas spirit.

“Let’s recite the code of the elves.” – Elf teacher

First off, the easiest way to kick your Christmas spirit into high gear is by reciting the mantra that the elves of the North Pole use for their own perpetual holiday cheer. Sure, treating every day like Christmas isn’t a bad start (though it may be overkill for some people), but the idea that there’s room for everyone on the nice list speaks to the holiday’s true spirit — one that’s filled goodwill and optimism. And, as the movie later proves, singing Christmas carols for all to hear is practically infectious, not to mention one of the most effective ways to really get the ball rolling.

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