Emily Blunt Tells Us Why She’s The New Han Solo

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To say this is Big Year for Emily Blunt is an understatement. In December, she will portray Mary Poppins, an iconic role that no one has played since Julie Andrews 54 years ago. Mary Poppins Returns is expected to be so big that, since the first time since 2014, Disney isn’t even releasing a Star Wars movie in December. As Blunt says, this is her superhero movie. As she also says, she’s the new Han Solo.

Thinking about it a different way, her latest film, A Quiet Place, seems a little bit scarier. This is obviously a passion project for both Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski (who co-stars and directs), and the idea of finally doing a project with your real-life husband, and audiences rejecting it, is pretty frightening. (The good news for them is the opposite is happening: A Quiet Place, as this is being typed, has a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.) In A Quiet Place, Blunt and Krasinski play parents living in a rural house who do their best to protect their children from creatures who prey on sound. It’s an eerie and frightening movie.

I met Blunt at a hotel in lower Manhattan and, over the years, she has become a favorite interview for this reporter. She’s always candid and always funny. Meeting Blunt for an interview is actually an enjoyable experience and the list of people that can be said about is short. Ahead, as well as talking about the experience of working with her husband for the first time, Blunt gives us the latest on a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, why the Captain Marvel rumors were never real, and why she’s not in the Sicario sequel even though it’s possible she might return for a third film (as she found out while working out next to Benicio Del Toro at the gym they both go to). Also, unexpectedly, Blunt does a fantastic Benicio Del Toro impression. But, first, she has a question for us…

Emily Blunt: So, I need to ask you, what does Uproxx mean?

I interviewed Christian Bale and he asked if Uproxx meant this was a drug site

Yeah, but seriously, why is it called Uproxx? I want you to tell me why and you don’t even know.

I don’t have a good answer.

Who knows.

I wasn’t here when it was named.

You’re not to blame.

I’m not going to reveal what it is, but with A Quiet Place, I am a huge fan of abrupt endings.

Oh, good. Me too.

I love when movies do that.

Me too. I love it.

I don’t need more. Just end right there…

And I don’t want everything tied up in a bow. And I don’t want it all sunbeams and rainbows….

This movie is not sunbeams and rainbows.

No, it’s not. Not at all.

Also, this movie has maybe the best cinematic “stepping on a nail” scene.

It’s sort of quite a rudimentary idea in some ways.

And you know it’s coming.

And you know it’s coming. But it was really thrilling watching it with the audience, because I didn’t realize how big the nail moment would be.

People were screaming, “No!”

Oh, it was wild. It was like, as soon as I turn the light on to go down, people are like, “No no no no! No no no no no!” Like that. We just laughed. We wept with laughter the whole way through the screening.

I think you already spoke to my girlfriend, Kate.

Yes, she’s awesome.

We live together and we have obviously similar jobs, but I couldn’t imagine working together.

Really? You might like it. You might be surprised.

I couldn’t imagine trying to direct her in a movie. Then again, I’ve never been in a movie so that might be the first problem…

But you know what? I think in some ways we sort of felt that. We were like, I can’t imagine working together, I wonder what that would be like. And would we want to kill each other?

Right, that would be my concern.

Well, that was our concern. So it wasn’t that we were like, oh, this is going to be effortless, you know? It wasn’t like it was nothing. We were concerned and wildly terrified the night before my first scene. I just don’t know how it’s going to be, if like he’s going to drive me crazy or if I’m going to drive him crazy. And we were both pleasantly surprised, truly. That’s why I kind of recommend it to cool couples. Give it a go, it’s pretty awesome. Collaborate, compromise. You’ll be fine.

But knowing the way the dynamic works in our apartment, I couldn’t imagine even like once like going, “Maybe you should do this.” I just don’t feel that would go over very well. She kind of runs the show.

Well, I run the show in some ways and he runs the show in others. Yeah, when it comes to running the house, I’m definitely the boss, for sure.

Was there any point where he’s giving you like a direction and you’re just like, ”Who do you think you are?”

Well, luckily, we’d been able to kind of iron out the creases on the drives in and the drives home, so it wasn’t like a public showdown ever. But yeah, there’s stuff that we were so in tandem with, and there’s other stuff that we crashed heads on.

What did you crash heads on?

Oh, I don’t know. Just sort of his take on the scene versus my take. What he thought was more important in a scene versus what I thought was more important. And so, I just trust him. I really do. I really admire him. I think I probably really underestimated also just how brilliant he was with the camera. I think that was one thing going into it, and I was like, “Do you know how to shoot this movie?”

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