Emily Blunt Is Well Aware That Her ‘Huntsman’ Character Looks Like A ‘Frozen’ Rip Off

The Huntsman is a sequel that folks were apparently clamoring for — the first was a hit at the box office, after all — but this time around we’re getting some extra fairy tale magic tossed in the mix. The Snow Queen is being led out for public consumption again, this time tied in with the characters from Snow White. Emily Blunt joins the returning cast from the first film — minus Kristen Stewart who isn’t born yet in this prequel — and becomes Freya the Ice Queen.

Blunt stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a little promotion magic and the host couldn’t help but point out the similarity between her character in The Huntsman: Winter’s War and the character Elsa from Frozen. This was not lost on Blunt or Charlize Theron’s son, who was on set a lot according to the interview. She apparently did her best to convince him that she was Elsa, ensuring that she would crush his dreams when he finally saw her out of her dress.

There’s also some discussion about the difficulty in riding around on an imaginary “wolf-bear” while pretending she’s riding side saddle. It’s leads to what Kimmel refers to as a moment that needs to become a gif, except he pronounces it like the peanut butter and ruins the moment. It will always be a hard g sound to some of us.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)