We Ranked The ‘Entourage’ Cameos From Least To Most (Potentially) Exciting

If you’ve seen the Entourage TV series, then you know that almost every episode was chock full of cameos (it does take place in Hollywood). It’s only right that the film version, too, should be packed with familiar faces. We’ve accumulated almost every single cameo here (save a few sports stars) and ranked them from least to most potentially exciting. Which ones are you most excited for?

25. David Faustino

Here’s hoping that Faustino and Ed O’Neill link up in this film and give us a mini Married with Children reunion.

24. Piers Morgan

Piers will likely show up, criticize something, and disappear just as quickly as he appeared. At least let’s hope that’s what happens. Too much Piers is a bad thing.

23. Mark Cuban

I’m betting that the boys go to a basketball game and encounter Cuban, based on the fact that there are several sports stars in the credits.

22. T.I.

T.I. is a world-class rapper, but he kind of misses the mark as an actor. That said, a little dose of the Trouble Man might spice things up for Vince and the crew.

21. Rob Gronkowski

If the Gronk does what the Gronk does, and that’s hilariously putting his foot in his mouth, then welcome to the team, buddy.

20. Dan Patrick

Patrick has been in a ton of other films before, so this isn’t his first rodeo. His credits include The Longest Yard, and Grown Ups, among others.

19. David Arquette

He’s the former WCW Champion, folks. Let’s give the guy some respect!

18. Pharrell Williams

The big question here: Will his Canadian Mountie hat come along with him?

17. Kelsey Grammer

Grammer is great at playing a pompous douche, so here’s hoping he does that.

16. David Spade

The former SNL funnyman should hopefully provide some laughs, being that the last few seasons of Entourage were funny in a very bad way.

15. Common

He’s one of the best rapper-turned-actors out there (watch Hell on Wheels), so I’m expecting a great cameo from the wordsmith.

14. Armie Hammer

From the trailer, we can already see that he has a particularly vitriolic run-in with Vinnie Chase.

13. Matt Lauer

Lauer — like Dan Patrick — is a veteran of film cameos. He’ll likely be interviewing Chase in this film.

12. George Takei

Who knows what George Takei will be doing in this film, but I’ll take some Takei any day.

11. Tom Brady

You gorgeous, dimpled chin, cheating son of a bitch. We ain’t mad at you, though.

10. Jon Favreau

Favreau can do pretty much whatever he wants in Hollywood at this point. He directed Iron Man!

9. Mark Wahlberg

This is Marky Mark’s film based on the TV show based on his life. We’ve already seen some of what he’ll be doing in the trailer, but hopefully he left some stuff on the table for the actual film. His Ari Gold impersonation is pretty spot-on.

8. Mike Tyson

Tyson was amazing in The Hangover, and I’m sure the actually funny former champ still has some bullets left in that gun.

7. Ed O’Neill

He’s fantastic in Modern Family, so why shouldn’t he be fantastic here? Also, see David Faustino above.

6. Bob Saget

Saget had a recurring role in the series as a whoremaster, so it’s likely he’ll reprise that role in the film.

5. Andrew Dice Clay

Clay — like Saget — also had a recurring role in the series. A little bit of Clay always makes the day better.

4. Gary Busey

Busey also had a role in the series playing up his craziness to the max.

3. Jessica Alba

Since when did we not need Jessica Alba? She should be in every movie dancing like she did in Sin City.

2. Liam Neeson

Neeson giving the finger to someone — probably Ari — is gold (no pun intended).

1. Ronda Rousey

From the previews, it seems like she’s sporting a thicker role than just one scene, but the current women’s UFC Champ is a welcome addition based on her hotness and her actual ability to do some acting.