Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In January, Including The Original ‘Batman’ Films

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While rival Hulu picked up parts of it in November, all of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia departed Netflix’s catalog earlier this month. But never fear! Starting January 1st, you’ll be able to catch the gang’s own Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) in Batman Returns, one of many film roles the actor behind everyone’s favorite debased family patriarch played before his time in the city of brotherly love. In fact, many of the original Batman films are coming to Netflix in the new year — as is the entire Godfather trilogy, the Lethal Weapon tetralogy, and a host of other classics. There’s lots of new original progamming, too.


The Early Batman Films (1/1)

As stated above, the original Batman film series — including Michael Keaton’s Batman and Batman Returns, Val Kilmer’s Batman Forever, and George Clooney’s nipples’ Batman & Robin — are coming to Netflix on January 1st. So too is Batman Begins, the first entry in director Christopher Nolan’s hugely popular “Dark Knight Trilogy,” which stars Christian Bale as the gruff voiced caped crusader. As for its sequels, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, neither is included in Netflix’s trove of new goodies this January. Or as Tom Hardy’s villainous Bane would say, “The shadows betray you!”


All Six Seasons of Lost (1/4)

As much as Matthew Fox’s Jack Shephard would want you (and all other Netflix subscribers) to “go back” to Lost, all six seasons of the popular ABC series created by J.J. Abrams are leaving the streaming giant’s catalog on January 4th. That leaves fans of the show with just over three weeks to binge-watch the entire thing before it disappears into the ether (and possibly ends up at another streaming rival, like Disney’s upcoming anti-Netflix service). Three weeks might not seem like a lot of time.

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