There Is No Reason We Can’t Make A ‘Face/Off’ Sequel Starring Nicolas Cage And John Travolta

01.07.17 43 Comments
face off

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Face/Off premiered in theaters on June 27, 1997. Directed by John Woo, the movie made over $240 million on an $80 million budget. It starred John Travolta as an FBI agent named Sean Archer and Nicolas Cage as what Wikipedia describes as a “civil freelance terrorist and homicidal psychopath” named Castor Troy. The two of them swap faces and try to murder each other for two hours. Face/Off is a good movie.

But you knew that, because you’ve seen Face/Off. (You have seen Face/Off, yes? Dear Lord. Go watch Face/Off.) And there’s really nothing else I can say about the film that wasn’t said already and better in the episode the How Did This Get Made? podcast did on it. (You have listened to the How Did This Get Made? episode about Face/Off as well, yes? Dear Lord. Watch Face/Off then listen to it immediately after. This is important.) It was How Did This Get Made?, after all, that coined the term “face waterfall.” They’re the professionals here.

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