There’s Apparently An All-Female ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Starring Sandra Bullock In The Works

'Gravity' Photocall - The 70th Venice International Film Festival
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Back in 2001, George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh and a bunch of their very famous friends got together and decided to make an updated version of the Rat Pack film Ocean’s Eleven, with Clooney in the role of Sinatra. Now, almost 15 years later, hot on the heels of Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters, Clooney and Soderbergh are apparently getting together again, along with Clooney’s Gravity co-star Sandra Bullock and Hunger Games director Gary Ross, to try to get an all-female Ocean’s starring Bullock off the ground.

Indiewire’s The Playlist had the exclusive:

A project we’ve been tracking for much of the year, the female Ocean’s has actually been quietly gestating since at least fall 2014, but we worried that it hit a major snag recently when the legendary [Jerry] Weintraub passed away this past summer (his memorial was held last month in New York and the aforementioned key players were all there). But sources close to the project tell The Playlist that the movie is still definitely in the works, and [Olivia] Milch has handed in a draft of the screenplay. Ross is a longtime Soderbergh friend and ally, and as she mentions in this recent press conference, Bullock has been close with her Gravity co-star Clooney for a long time now.

The Playlist goes on to say that details about the project are still scarce, with no word yet on if or how any of this will tie-in to most recent set of Ocean’s films. Basically, it seems like the project is still at the “Ocean’s Eleven – Clooney + Bullock” stage of development. And if it is at that stage, and if they’re taking suggestions from random people on the Internet (this happens a lot, yes?), allow me to toss a couple out there quick: One, Helen Mirren. There are 10 non-Bullock slots open in the all-female cast, and Helen Mirren must get one of them. Wealthy heist bankroller, evil casino owner, demolition expert, whatever. Put Helen Mirren in this movie.

And two, and just hear me out on this one… “Danielle Ocean.” Could work.

(Via The Playlist)