‘Finding Dory’ Swims Its Way Into ‘Honest Trailers’ Territory

Have you ever been to a regal blue tang roast? Screen Junkies have provided an invitation if you haven’t.

The Pixar cash machine/motion picture Finding Dory is latest film to undergo the thorough dismantling that comes from the Honest Trailers treatment. For those new to the premise, it’s pretty straightforward. A movie gets plucked, its flaws are placed under a microscope and a thick glaze of snark is drizzled over the whole thing. If you’re a parent (or an animated marine biologist), this whiz-bang ride through the animated box office juggernaut’s weaker elements () and questionable need for a sequel might border on cathartic.

“You remember Dory, right?” asks our nitpicking narrator. “She’s back in a story that answers all the questions you never really had about her. Like: ‘Who wrote the ‘Just Keep Swimming song?’ ‘How did Dory learn to speak whale?’ And ‘how does her short-term memory loss work, because forgetting your parents exist isn’t exactly a short-term memory, it’s more an excuse to create a sequel… oh, I see what you did there.”

There are certainly worse ways to spend five minutes than with some gentle ribbing of a blockbuster motion picture. C’mon, give ‘er a gander.

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(Via Screen Junkies)