Warner Bros. Discovery Is Going Above And Beyond To Keep ‘The Flash’ Ending A Secret

Big movies are typically sold to the public in the same way: They’re screened in advance for reporters and critics, then their stars and filmmakers do the press and late night rounds. Not The Flash. Its star, Ezra Miller, has been AWOL from the public, and for many, many good reasons. But that’s not all Warner Bros. Discovery has been keeping hidden away.

As per Variety, the company is going above and beyond to keep what is described as a “secret ending” under wraps:

The version that screened at CinemaCon in April ended abruptly, with a chunk of the final scene missing. At screenings on the Burbank lot this week, the final scene was intact, but Warners blurred out key elements. In fact, the final scene was changed multiple times pre-CinemaCon, the source adds. At the height of Miller’s PR problems, Warners was looking to keep its options open with regards to the future trajectory of the speedster.

Is the ending really so mind-blowing? It will likely have to pull off the feat of connecting the old DCEU — the one with Henry Cavill’s Superman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, et al. — with whatever new honchos James Gunn and Peter Safran have planned for their big brand-saving make-over. Or maybe, you know, it’s just a really cool ending.

In any case, The Flash will only have one premiere, a mere four days before its release date — a most unusual move for such a pricey picture.

Meanwhile, there’s its troubled star. Miller hasn’t been seen much since they agreed to stop doing…all that and seek some help. They won’t be chit-chatting with journos nor telling Jimmy Kimmel wacky stories about their attention-nabbing misadventures with Johnny Law.

“Ezra wants the movie to open and the conversation to be about the movie and not about Ezra,” explained a source close to Miller. “They are focused on their mental health and don’t want it to be transactional.”

Still, Miller https://uproxx.com/movies/will-ezra-miller-be-recast-as-the-flash/#:~:text=’The%20Flash’%20Director%20Has%20No,Miller%20If%20A%20Sequel%20Happens&text=Following%20a%20tumultuous%202022%20for,movie%20making%20it%20into%20theaters., says The Flash director Andy Muschietti. Will it have been worth keeping Miller while canning a bevy of performers who haven’t tried to start a cult? We’ll find out after the film opens on June 16.

(Via Variety)