Ezra Miller Is Once Again Wreaking Havoc, This Time As An Alleged Cult Leader Working Out Of An Airbnb In Iceland

Over the past few years, Ezra Miller has been making their way around the world picking fights and allegedly grooming minors, though much of their actions haven’t come to light until now.

Earlier this year, Miller was arrested twice, criticized for allegedly grooming teenagers, and holding a family at a remote Vermont cabin with a variety of weapons and drugs. Now, more victims of Miller have been speaking out and recalling a two-month stint in which Miller was living out of an Airbnb in Iceland with various companions in a “cult-like” situation, according to Insider.

Miller traveled to Reykjavik in early 2020 after the production of Fantastic Beasts was shut down due to COVID. There, they lived in an Airbnb, walked around barefoot, and frightened the locals. One woman, who spoke to Insider, referred to the house as a “commune,” with mattresses spread out on the floor and guests being enamored with the movie star. “It felt like everyone was hypnotized.”

Various friends, artists, and ex-pats lived with Miller, some of whom were teenagers who had sexual relationships with them. “Nobody ever was kind of allowed to disagree with them,” recalled a young woman who had a brief relationship with Miller in Iceland while she was 18 and Miler was 27. “Their reality painted everybody else’s reality. There was no room for anybody else’s opinion or feelings.” Miller was also filmed choking a woman while in Iceland.

Miller stayed at the Airbnb for several months before returning to the states and now seems to be residing in a remote Vermont cabin with several others, though it seems like nobody can get a hold of them.

Despite the pleas from friends, it seems like Miller is still MIA and failed to report to a July court appearance. Miller is still slated to appear in the upcoming Flash movie which is set for a June 2023 release, though that depends on just exactly how much trouble they get in before then.

(Via Insider)