Florence Pugh Is Very Upset That Her ‘Black Widow’ Character Was Left Out Of A Halloween Display

Florence Pugh is supportive when people want to dress up like her characters. She egged on Ariana Grande to buy her 33-pound flower dress from Midsommar (“DO IT! Halloween will never be the same”), and on Instagram, she gave instructions on how to be Yelena from Black Widow on October 31 after being left out of a window display.

“What the.. Apparently Yelena didn’t make the cut,” she wrote while posing in front of what appears to be a New York City costume store. “GUYS. I LITERALLY TALK ABOUT POCKETS IN NEARLY EVERY SCENE. Halloween= A LOT OF FREE SWEETIES. May I remind you that the vest has ‘A LOT OF HANDY POCKETS’.. Costume+vest+POCKETS= someone who came prepared. IT IS with great importance we understand how vital Yelena is for Halloween. Rant over, thanks for listening.”

When Florence Pugh said “Halloween= A LOT OF FREE SWEETIES,” I felt that.

Champion of Cosplay has a Yelena costume for $58.99 (plus shipping), but the description makes no mention of whether it comes with pockets. I couldn’t find any Black Widow costumes on the internet’s number one purveyor of horny costumes, Yandy, but that’s probably because it’s called something legally distinct, like Russian Girl Superhero.

I have question about the David Harbour mannequin’s sad excuse for a beard.

(Via Pop Crave)