People Are Stoked That Florence Pugh Brought Back Her Instagram Stories Cooking Show

Florence Pugh is more than a beloved young actress who does movies about destructive wrath. She’s also a famous amateur cook. (Oh, and she’s also Paddington’s best friend.) The Black Widow costar moonlights as an Instagram Stories star, dropping videos that find her preparing meals. Unlike most of us, she’s not constantly kicking herself for screwing up difficult recipes. She’s cucumber cool, chill, relentlessly chipper, and therefore calming to watch. And on Friday night, as per Vulture, she was back in the kitchen.

It’s not really a show; it’s just her plopping her smartphone on some surface and then doing her stuff, usually with music in the background and a glass of wine at hand. And it’s not preserved for posterity; she drops them on Instagram Stories, where they’re broken up into chunks and disappear into the ether after 24 hours. “I don’t do Instagram Live,” she said, confessing that her attempts to use it in the past have been “s*it.” Besides, she says, Stories is “way more chaotic in a very entertaining way.”

Pugh’s “show” does have a name, though: Cooking with Flo, and on its return installment, Pugh prepared some courgetti, or as we know it on this side of the pond, zucchini. Purgh told viewers she was making it with some “spicy fresh vegetable-y tomato-y sauce.” At one point she screwed up, forgetting to add salami. But that didn’t trip her up.

“That’s the best thing about one-pot cooking,” Pugh said, sliding into some general life advice. “Sometimes you have to use two pots. Sometimes you f*ck up, and then you just have to fix it. And it’s all good, and it’s all easy.”

When Cooking with Flo returned for a new year, people on social media were stoked.

(Via Vulture)