Gal Gadot Claims She ‘Handled’ Joss Whedon After He Threatened Her Career Filming ‘Justice League’

Joss Whedon’s time filming Justice League has been examined many times in various ways in recent months. Replacing Zack Snyder on the DC project, reports have besieged the director after troubling interactions with both Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot, both of which were readdressed as Snyder’s original vision for the film was restored with a four-hour epic on HBO Max earlier in the year.

And according to a new report, Gadot was more forthcoming about her interactions with Whedon on set that won’t sit well with fans. Gadot had previously admitted that her experience “wasn’t the best one” with the director, but according to the report the director actually threatened her career over an on-set conflict that she claimed she dealt with personally.

N12, a publication based in Israel, interviewed Gadot who revealed she had “issues” with Whedon but also said she “handled it.” According to translations made by and others, she confirmed things similar to an April disclosure that Whedon threatened to make Gadot look “incredibly stupid” while on set.


Now, in a new interview Gadot confirms the extent of those issues, telling Israel’s N12 that Whedon threatened to damage her career when she asked to make changes to her character, noting that she handled the issue immediately.

“He kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable and I just took care of it instead,” Gadot said in the interview.

Translation of the interview hit Twitter on Saturday, leading to a new round of discussion about Whedon and Gadot, both of which started to trend on the social media site in light of the interview’s publication. Ray Fisher also tweeted about Whedon in the wake of the new details as well, the latest in a series of comments he’s made against Warner and their handling of the director’s on-set behavior.

It’s unclear exactly what Gadot did to handle it, but it’s the clearest indication yet that things weren’t great on the set of Justice League from one of the stars the long-rumored conflict between the director and Wonder Woman herself.