George Miller Says We Might Not See A ‘Furiosa’ Sequel For A While

People got way more than they expected with Mad Max: Fury Road, one of the best films of 2015. On top of a thrilling and gorgeously made film, audiences were given one of the most exciting heroines in ages with Imperator Furiosa. While it was a Mad Max film in name, Fury Road belonged to Charlize Theron. Ever since the film’s release, fans have been clamoring for more info about a Furiosa-centric sequel.

Director George Miller sat down for an interview on Entertainment Weekly Radio, and let fans know that while a Furiosa film will happen eventually, he’s not ready to climb aboard a war rig again right away.

“I’m not sure if it’s the very next movie I want to do. I’ve got something a bit smaller before we go back out into the wasteland … Something more performance-based and so on, just to clear the exhaust.”

He doesn’t give much detail to go on, and implies that this film could very well be an origin tale for Furiosa, because her “backstory is really interesting.” Miller also praises audiences for digging into the mythos instead of just being in awe of the incredible visuals.

“One of the things that’s really gratifying, people are reading the film more than just the surface … You work hard to get that in there so it’s not just empty action — that you’re getting some stuff out of it. You’re learning about characters and their relationships and the world and so on.

Miller claims that each and every character in the film has enough meat to their backstory to warrant their own film, so when can we expect one about the Doof Warrior?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)