The First Reactions To ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Call It A ‘Blast Of Nostalgia’ (With Lots Of Raves For Mckenna Grace)

Following Monday night’s all-out Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiere, which featured original stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson walking the red carpet and blowing away the crowd, the first reactions to the nostalgic-heavy sequel are rolling in. While critics are loving the ’80s vibes infused into Afterlife, there’s a name that keeps popping up in almost every reaction: Mckenna Grace.

Starring as Phoeobe, the granddaughter of classic Ghostbuster Egon Spenger, who was famously played by the late Harold Ramis, Grace’s performance has been called everything from “captivating” to “stealing the show” as critics loved her character’s entry into the series as well as her chemistry with co-star Paul Rudd.

You can see some of the reactions below:

As you can see, the word “emotional” pops up a lot, and that’s a feeling that original Ghostbusters Murray and Hudson both felt about returning to the classic franchise that’s right up there with Star Wars as a defining part of so many childhoods. Here’s what the two told Entertainment Tonight about reuniting with Akroyd to film Afterlife:

Hudson then shared, “I saw Danny in his jumpsuit, Bill and I started crying. So apparently it was very important to me.”

Murray added, “I really never expected to still have another paranormal problem.”

Naturally, Murray couldn’t help but make a crack about all of the tears as he saw people “walking out crying, so I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news.”

Ghostbusters: Afterlife proton blasts its way into theaters on November 19.