Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, And More Have Joined The ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast

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A whole slew of big names are being added to the Ghostbusters cast, and one of them is someone who was basically contractually required to be in a movie that takes place in New York City. But first, the headliners: Andy Garcia has signed on to play the Mayor of New York City, so expect him to lie to us and kiss our butts! And Michael K. Williams (The Wire) is also coming along as a character named Hawkins. It’ll be a grand reunion for him and Kristen Wiig, who both co-star in IFC’s upcoming The Spoils Before Dying. Williams has worked his comedy chops a few times, including on Community, so it’ll be very cool to see what he does in Ghostbusters. Comedy veteran Matt Walsh (Veep) is also coming on board as someone named Rourke.

But the real name that could give us all a sense of relief and joy is Pat Kiernan, a local New York City news anchor for NYI who shows up periodically in movies that are based in the city, including The Avengers, Annie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the Daredevil series, Non-Stop, and Night at the Museum. Seriously, it would not be a Big Apple movie without Pat Kiernan.

Source: TheWrap