Kevin Smith Rails Against The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer (But Not For The Reason You Might Be Thinking)

Not to get all nostalgic, but do you remember when the Ghostbusters trailer dropped less than two weeks back and everyone lost their minds? Half the internet was overjoyed to see Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon and Jones as their new proton pack sporting heroes and the other half reacted like director Paul Feig put a knife to their family pet’s throat. If things weren’t going so batsh*t crazy with politics at the moment, we could have been teetering on the Civil War Part 2: Electric Moaning Dudealoo.

Takes on our first real peek at the 2016 edition of Ghostbusters have been plentiful and now View Askewniverse monarch Kevin Smith has weighed in with his opinion. The verdict? The trailer stunk, but that’s not the fault of the filmmaker or the stars. It’s an opinion he dished out alongside Ralph Garman on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast.

This is not like f*cking ‘women can’t be funny.’ Bullsh*t. All these women are hysterical. Whoever cut this trailer needs to be sat down, and I’m not going to call for their job to be taken away from them, but they need to be scolded.

It could’ve been all men with the same jokes, and it still would have sucked. It’s just the trailer’s not strong, and that doesn’t mean the movie’s gonna blow, like again the f*cking pedigree of this movie is undeniable. There’s no way all these people involved don’t make a f*cking funny, at least watchable fun movie.

Both hosts pick apart some of the gags that they consider to be a bit tired, but Smith stresses “I’m erring on the side of all these people have always delivered.” The Clerks helmer is more optimistic about the project than Garman and sang the praises of the fan-cut trimmed down trailer that’s been making the rounds. It’s an interesting bit of chat either way no matter what your take on the trailer was and Smith’s insight into how trailers come together is worth a listen. Crane you neck skyward to the top of the post and you can give the full chunklet a listen.

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