Bill Murray Struggled To Keep It Together During This Hilarious Classic ‘Ghostbusters’ Promotional Video

Ghostbusters was such a big hit in the comedy world that it’s tough to imagine a time when its stars had to ask people to watch it, but that’s exactly what happened back when the movie was made. That’s what made for a charming viral video this week of Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray in Ghostbusters gear pitching theater owners on showing the film when it was released in 1984.

As explained in this tweet, the video was meant to lure independent theater chains into showing Ghostbusters at their theaters. Which is why there are some jokes tailored specifically to some small theaters and a bit of inside baseball on the budget of the movie, which cost $30 million to make in 1984. As referenced by the video, it was played to a gathering in Las Vegas and included some cheeky jokes about how much fun theater owners could have in Las Vegas.

“You guys really know how to have a good time, there’s no question about it,” Akroyd said, deadpanned. “Some of those chaps from General Cinemas are just wild. I heard about one who swallowed 12 roulette balls and took a ride in a clothes dryer.”

Murray and Akroyd riff a bit back and forth, but they get to the point: exhibiting what Akroyd called “perhaps the greatest comedy motion picture of all time.” The camera moves to a close-up on Murray, who gives a pitch-perfect approximation of the film’s greatness.

“I mean, this is gonna make E.T. look like Raiders of the Lost Ark, you know what I’m saying?” Murray said, with a signature stumble. “This is the kind of thing that your children are gonna say ‘Dad, I can look up to you now. And I never could before. Isn’t it worth it? Isn’t it worth it?”

The two speak briefly about the great “cheap movies” they made with smaller budgets and mentioned that, well, this one with ghosts and special effects cost a bit more to make. And they really give the hard sell on it being kid-friendly, too.

“And it is PG,” Akroyd said, stealing the show with a line that made Murray break into laughter in the middle of the take. “I’m f*ckin’ telling ya, it’s PG.”

The video also has a big of an unused Ghostbusters theme song in it, which you can hear more of below.

For fans of the movie, it’s a great little easter egg that makes for a fun story. And maybe another thing to quote related to the movie, which is f*cking PG, after all.