Does This ‘Ghostbusters’ Toy Reveal The Movie’s Surprising Villain?

Toy Fair 2016 has just wrapped up, and all the toys from all the movies we want to see were out on display, spoilers and all. That includes Ghostbusters, which has already potentially leaked a few spoilers via its Legos. But a rather big one might also be lurking in Mattel’s booth.

If you’re looking to avoid spoilers, here’s a photo of Egon with a Twinkie to enjoy while you click away:

Still here? Then check out this toy from the movie. And yes, that would be the ghost from the logo:

Confirmed at #Mattel this morning that this is the main villain in the new #Ghostbusters movie. #ToyFair #TF16 #NYTF

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Supposedly, a Mattel representative claimed that this was the “main villain” in the movie, although one assumes this is either one form the villain takes or a Marshmallow Man-esque giant ghost the team has to deal with, not the keymaster manipulating everything. If nothing else, come on, who’d take a ghost in that bow tie seriously?

Joking aside, any spoiler from a toy needs a grain of salt to go with it. Toymakers aren’t required to stick to the plots of movies, and may base toys off old scripts or even just outright make stuff up if the licensee will allow them. Going by the toys, for example, Hank Pym was either supposed to be the real villain of Ant-Man or running around getting small with Paul Rudd. Neither of those turned out to be true.

That said, this was never going to be a beat-for-beat remake of the 1984 classic, and there’s a lot you can do with the concept of fighting ghosts in New York. We’ll have a better idea of how busting will make us feel good July 15.

(Via pixeldan on Instagram)