Former Sexiest Man Alive Paul Rudd Gave Current Sexiest Man Alive Chris Evans A Little Sexy Advice

Passing down a title to anyone automatically gives you the right to be a little mean about it because, to be fair, you had it first. So, sure, even though it’s nice that People magazine decided to give Chris Evans the title of Sexiest Man Alive, Paul Rudd had it before him, so he automatically wins. It’s just how science works.

Rudd, being the gracious and kind person he is, decided to give some advice to Evans, who earned the title in November. When asked if he would give some tips, Rudd, being the sexiest and most thoughtful man, said he had already reached out. “I absolutely said, ‘Look, here’s the deal, Chris. This comes with a lot of responsibility,'” He explained to People. We all know how irresponsible Evans can be.

The Ant-Man star even offered to take time out of his busy day to help Evans. His text continued, “‘If you want to sit down… we’ll probably need to spend the day, it’s going to take hours, because there’s a lot you have to live up to and there’s a lot expected of you. And if you want to have like a real strategy session or what it’s been like and what’s required, I’m available.’ And I gave him a series of days.”

Keep in mind that the unsexiest thing you can do is not reply to a text, which is exactly what Evans did. “Yeah, he’s never returned one text. [But he’s] absolutely busy. He’s the Sexiest Man Alive. There are no days off for that.” Rudd should know! He’s been working nonstop since gracing the cover in 2021. Please, someone, give this man a break.

(Via People)