Gillian Anderson Is Ready To Play ‘Jane Bond’ With Daniel Craig Leaving 007 Behind

The speculation over who should play the next James Bond in the ever-popular, at times goofy spy series has reached a fever pitch. Daniel Craig has brought new life into the James Bond series, playing the character with a bit of a darker edge with the scripts reflecting that tonal shift, much like previous films were tailored for the man in the immaculately-tailored suit. After a lot of speculation as to Craig’s future in the series, he’s finally announced that he’s done with it.

So, of course, Twitter was abuzz with who should be the next bespoke-suited super spy with the hashtag #NextBond. The usual names that have been kicked around for the past few years came up, everyone from Idris Elba to Tom Hiddleston, but interestingly enough, female names started to surface, including Emily Blunt and Gillian Anderson. The Wrap talks about Anderson’s response on Twitter that has had the world talking.

This comes at an interesting time in film, as a constant haze of controversy has erupted over the female-driven Ghostbusters reboot and the responses to it. If a Bond writer was weary about James Bond being black, imagine a woman taking the role? While the timing might seem right for a woman to step into the role, sometimes change is slow-going and with this series it feels like we still might not be there just yet, unfortunately.

(Via The Wrap)